Cooper, with help from Miss Julie, gives our Children's Sermons on Sundays when children attend.

Cooper says:  

Don’t miss Advent!

Stay awake! 

I am usually a pretty perky kinda guy. I like to run around and play outside. I like to go places with my folks and see new things.  

But I am a growing puppy and sometimes I just get tired! Sometimes I just need a nap! 

So a couple of Sundays ago, I was sitting beside Miss Julie during service listening to Miss Deb’s service and enjoying the music. I was sort of sleepy anyway, but I got cozy next to Miss Julie and she started scratching my head and the longer I sat there the heavier my eyes got and the next thing I knew she was waking me up and telling me we needed to get ready to go home. 

I fell asleep.

I missed the whole service and I didn’t even know I had! 

I didn’t hear the hymns or the sermon. I didn’t even know when Miss Julie got up for communion. 

Why didn’t somebody wake me up?!?!

Since we’re in the Advent season now, waiting for Christmas and baby Jesus to come, we hear a lot about staying awake. 

I didn’t really understand what any of that meant at first but I think I do now. 

See, when we fall asleep, we don’t know what’s happening around us. We miss lots of things. We might even miss the joy of the season. We might miss God’s voice telling us to do something. 

It’s important to keep awake because we never know when God might need us to do something. We never know when he might be telling us something. 

I don’t think that means we can never take a nap or sleep at night, but I think we just have to be prepared to answer God’s call when it comes. 

Jesus came in a way that nobody expected. God works like that too, in ways we don’t expect. 

If we’re not awake we will miss them. 

Miss Deb, I am sorry I fell asleep in church that time. I will try to do better.  I hope I didn’t snore.