The Women of the ELCA

The Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America includes Lutheran women who gather in over 7,000 locations in the U.S. and the Caribbean, for service, a study, advocacy, fellowship and more! Women of the ELCA embraces all kinds of ministries that support the mission of mobilizing women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ. There is a place for you in Women of the ELCA. We promote and encourage women to lead, serve, and advocate in the community, inviting women of all generations and backgrounds to experience the reconciling and transforming love of God through Jesus Christ, encouraging women to act on their baptismal covenant.

St. Mark's Chapter

St. Mark's Women of the ELCA  is one of our most active ministries, reaching out to Lutheran Services Carolina, the Robeson County Church and Community Center, and the Robeson County Family Violence Center. Our women are active in the organization on a regional and statewide level, as well as the national level.

We enjoy our "girl time" in monthly meetings; we enjoy serving together; we enjoy worshiping together.   Join us and celebrate sisterhood in Jesus Christ! 

Mission Statement

As a community of women, created in the image of God, we are called to discipleship. As a group, we are empowered through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We commit ourselves to grow in faith; to affirm our gifts; to support each other in our callings; and to engage in ministries. We also promote the healing and wholeness of the church, the society, and the world. 

There's a place for you in the

Women of the ELCA

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What Does Our Logo Mean?

Our logo—with the cross, water and a white lily—identifies women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as children of God; baptized, forgiven, adopted into God’s family, full of grace and hope in eternal life. It is a reminder of the growth, beauty, and vitality that rises out of that life-giving baptismal water. It is also a reminder of the mission of the church to “Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations; baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19).

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